Australian Mutual Capital Funding Trust No.1

This Trust has now fully repaid the note holders.If you need any information regarding your holding please contact Theta

The Mutual ADIs in the Australian Mutual Capital Funding Trust No.1 where Theta acts as trustee and Garigal Financial Services provides the administration includes;

  • Bankstown City Credit Union
  • Community Mutual Limited
  • ECU Australia Limited
  • EECU Limited
  • Ford Co-operative Credit Society Limited
  • Queensland Police Credit union
  • Laboratories Credit Union Limited
  • Maritime, Mining and Power Credit Union Limited
  • SGE Credit Union Limited
  • Sutherland Credit Union Limited
  • Sydney Credit Union Limited
  • Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
  • Warwick Credit Union Limited

Garigal Financial Services Pty Ltd is an authorised representative (# 443096) of Theta Asset Management Limited