The BRICKX Platform

BRICKX is a revolutionary property investment platform that enables access to residential property investment for all Australians for a little as $100!

Important information

On 22nd November 2018 all Members were invited to vote on the retirement of, Theta Asset Management Limited (Theta) and the appointment of BrickX Financial Services Limited (BrickX Financial Services) as the new responsible entity. Details of the vote are in the Notice of Meeting.

The results are in

The vote was held on Tuesday 22 January 2019 with Resolution 1 (Retirement of Theta as Responsible Entity) and resolution 2 (General Power) being passed with the majority vote in favour of both resolutions. *

* The calculations for the resolutions were independently reviewed and verified by Boroughs Australia Pty Limited.

So, what’s next?

Theta and BrickX Financial Services are currently working together to ensure a smooth transition. Members can expect to see changes to the BrickX website and documents shortly. We are pleased to have worked with BrickX in the early stages of development and wish the BrickX Platform every success in its future.

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How does BRICKX work?

BRICKX selects and purchases high quality investment properties in Australia and subsequently split the ownership of the property into 10,000 units or Bricks, which are then made available for investors to purchase. Each property is held in an individual BRICKX Trust.

What does a Brick do?

Owning a Brick in a BRICKX Trust represents ownership of a fraction of an interest in the property held by that trust. Every Brick you buy in a property you will receive your share of the net monthly rental income as you would with any real property. In addition, your Brick provides you with the opportunity to earn Capital Returns. We regularly revalue the properties you own Bricks in, so you can gauge the latest value of your investments frequently and easily, with the ability to list your Bricks for sale when you like, at a price set by you. Your Bricks are sold (and capital returns realised) when a buyer purchases your Bricks listed for sale (from the online order book).