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Meme Capital Management Limited (Meme) (ABN 61 158 314 982, AFSL 430126) is the investment manager of The Dual Momentum Fund. Meme is a boutique fund manager specialising in technical and quantitative investment strategies. Meme has developed an efficient model for investing in capital markets, including listed companies, using trend-following and other quantitative investment strategies.

The Dual Momentum Fund (Fund)


The Dual Momentum Fund uses a robust and back-tested quantitative strategy to identify investment opportunities expected to provide both positive price appreciation and relative price out performance over the medium to long term.

Investment opportunities and risks are rigorously managed by using sophisticated money management principles that engage with the potential profitability of an investment, while managing the exposure to those factors which are out of all investors’ control (such as the volatility and uncertainty inherent in all capital markets).

The Fund invests on a long-only basis and does not use derivatives.


The return objective is to provide out performance (net of fees and expenses) over the benchmark over rolling 3 year periods. The risk objective is to limit the maximum peak to trough draw down at any time during the Fund’s life to 20% of the Fund value at the relevant peak.

Fund Information

Information Memorandum


S&P/ASX Australian All Ordinaries Accumulation Index

Minimum investment


Who can invest

Wholesale investors

Distribution frequency

Annually (30 June)

Investment horizon

Suggested minimum timeframe of 3 to 5 years

Inception date

March 18, 2013


Open to applications

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Investment Manager

Meme Capital Management

Phone: 08 9284 2906

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Meme Capital Management

Phone: 08 9284 2906