Harness Small Companies Value Fund

Nigel Littlewood is the Chief Investment Officer of Harness Asset Management who are the manager of the Harness Small Companies Value Fund

The focus of the Fund is to invest in under researched and undervalued Australian listed, small to medium sized, primarily industrial, companies that have the potential to be compelling investments. When such investment opportunities cannot be found the Investment Manager will remain invested in cash, and can use some derivatives subject to strict limits.

The investment term is long term i.e. least 3-5 years.

The ideal investment the Harness Asset Management Small Companies Value Fund is hunting for has five key attributes:

  1.  the price represents good value (meaning it’s on sale)
  2.  the company possesses good management
  3.  the company has a strong core business
  4.  the stock is suffering from poor sentiment, which Harness understands the roots of but which it disagrees with or no longer thinks is relevant, and
  5.  there are few if any professional shareholders on the register.

Such investments are shunned by much of the market. However, in some cases what lies beneath the surface of these unpopular stocks makes them attractive investments.

Please Note: Neither the performance of this investment, nor capital invested in the Fund is guaranteed. This is a new fund and there is limited performance history.

To download the Information Memorandum please visit the Harnes Asset management website. www.harnessam.com.au

Investment Manager
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